Civic Day – 17th June – save the date!

Cheltenham Civic Society is teaming up with Cheltenham BID and a number of community groups to organise a variety of civic events and activities on Saturday 17th June.

Visit our new Civic Day web page over the next few weeks to find out what’s happening and what you can get involved with.

CALL TO ACTION: Email us on to make suggestions or volunteer some of your time.

Other 2023 events news coming soon

We expect to announce some interesting springtime events soon.

Further events and walks will be added to this page once they are confirmed. So please bookmark this page for future reference. We also send event details to members by email well ahead of each event.

Our recent events included a second visit to 15 Lansdown Place in November when members got to explore the restoration and refurbishment of this interesting Cheltenham town house.

November events: Civic Society member Tim invited Cheltenham Civic Society members to see the restoration of his property in Lansdown Place.

Some 40 Civic Society members attended the two events in November to see and learn about how the building – which was originally divided into five flats and four bedsits – has been respectfully refurbished and converted into eight flats.

Along the way, a wide variety of items including newspapers, cigarette cards and coins were found in the building and these were displayed by Tim for everyone to see along with the ‘before and after’ photos he took to document the project.

Many members came to our open house event at Parmoor in August – where they explored our new home, enjoyed a glass of wine, and listened to a general update from our Chair, Andrew Booton.
Chris Chavasse tree walk May 2022
Chris Chavasse tree walk May22
In early May, members gathered in Lansdown Crescent Green for a guided walk led by CBC's senior trees officer, Chris Chavasse.
Chris Chavasse tree walk May 2022
Chris Chavasse tree walk May22
Chris Chavasse explains how this fungus slowly eats away the inside of its host oak. We learnt that removing the external fruiting elements visible in this shot makes no difference to the progress of the fungus inside the trunk.